Hello guys! I’m Irene from Indonesia. Thank you for visiting my blog.  Basicly  I’m graduated from Bachelor of Graphic Design. But in my quarter century, I started to write my journey through my personal blog. I have a radar in pink because that pantone always make me happy, that's why I named my blog as Pink Travelogue. 

I love clouds and sunset. In my journey, mostly I in cooperate with my partner @indoeatsgram. I just wanna see God's Creation from all around the world and share my experience with all of you. If you have some comments or anything, you can reach me at irenenataliakomala@yahoo.com


Contributors for :

Beauty Journal Sociolla 
"Berencana Liburan ke Pantai? Jangan Lupa Membawa 5 Perlengkapan Berikut Ini." [Artikel]

WIA Official
"Sehari Mendaki Gunung Parang: Gunung Tertinggi dengan Jalur Ferrata." [Artikel]

Colours Inflight Magazine Garuda (August 2019)
Men behind the lense : Michael Tuhonia

Colours Inflight Magazine Garuda (December 2019)
Men behind the lense : Indoeatsgram


Achievements :

Blog Competition
1. Pemenang Utama Lomba Blog Watsons 2019 [Artikel]
2. Juara 2 Lomba Menulis Cerita Wisata TFA News 2019 [Artikel]
3. Pemenang Favorit Lomba Blog Velvy Beauty 2019 [Artikel]
4. Top 5 Bio Oil Blog Competition with Female Daily 2019 [Artikel]

Photo and Video Competition
1. Pemenang Favorit Sunlife Vlog Competition 2019 [Video]
2. Pemenang Vlog Competition Fujifilm Instax 2019 [Video]
3. Pemenang Foto Campaign KIN Yogurt 2018 [Foto]
4. Pemenang Foto Campaign Nori Mama Suka 2018 [Foto]

Event Trip
1. NIVEA Beauty Cruise #CantikAllOut 2019 [Foto]
2. Tokyo Gude Trip with Cafe Shirokuma and Anak Jajan 2019 [Foto]
3. Toba Trip with Toba Tilapia and Bersama Japfa 2019 [Foto]


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  1. keren banget kakkK!!!! keep inspiringgggg <3 seneng aku bacanya. semoga bisa menang lomba juga XD

    1. Marr, kamuh lebih keren ah! Aku juga sukak baca blog kamuh. Thanks for reading and keep inspiring yaa. Aminnn ��


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