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Before I set off for a (kind a) long destination last weekend, actually my mom has been cooking a big bowl of fried rice for breakfast, but it still a lot so she prepared that for lunch meal. She took a pink lunchbox and gave it to me. 

So, this is a dating with lunch packed. lol. I know that she always serve her delicious food. Called it Special Chicken Fried Rice.  She named it because she said that the fried rice contains of chicken meat, chicken sausage, and also chicken eggs. Well, we're both are full.  And, here we go!

Special Chicken Fried Rice by mom.
This is what we're waiting for a month. We got an invitation for this event.

INTERFOOD INDONESIA is an Exhibition of Food, Beverage, Ingredients, Equipments, Supplies, etc. Lately, I'm interested in Culinary, therefore, I decided to attend this event in order to enhance ideas  for Salty Sweets (Snack&Desserts-Mine) and De'Basillico (Grill&Pasta-Will's). 

Perhaps, this event was very crowded because it was the last day. During the event, we're looking a lot of food and beverage for sure but I see that it more corpulent provide for food ingredients, technology, and packaging than delicatessen like cake or bread. But in the other corner we found some crowded stand and we bought some snacks take a way.

This is some cute cakes display. It looks yummy and colorful
What we bought

Actually, we should went to Veteran Road to taste Ragusa Ice Cream after this. But suddenly our eyes fixed on a small resto and it called RAGUSA Ice Cream Italy, haha. Ragusa Ice Cream now at Ji Expo! We're shocked but excited cause we're no need to get there and it was sizable saving time enough.  

Why I was so eager to go there and curious about the taste? It caused a college exam that we should Re-Branding. People said Ragusa Ice Cream no less tasty than others, but why this kind of Ice Cream seems like so ancient and looks like no progress than the other competitors?

Finally We got it! 
Spaghetti Ice Cream Ragusa (30), Kemayoran

Ragusa was first opened the cafĂ© at Gambir, Central Jakarta in 1932 and very success in that era. Ragusa Homemade Ice Cream without preservative much  favored by many Dutch people. Ragusa is taken from the name of Italian families first time making ice cream. People said this is favorite, the most unique out of the lot is Spaghetti Ice Cream. Don't be dithered as this is simply ice-cream in the shape of spaghetti. And finally today closed with noodle dinner.

Mie Garing Spore (32) & Mie Ala Indonesia(32), QQ Kopitiam Kelapa Gading is Recommended


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